P-J Purrs Silver Dream
Blue point Himalayan-Persian



PJ Purrs Silver Dream was obtained from PJ Purrs Cattery. Silver is a noble feline in every sense of the word. He displays his mane proudly when pet, every movement of his radiates eloquence, and when his look is not conveying notions of self-confidence and grandeur, Silver enjoys “hunting trips”. The prey may be a toy, but the thrill of the hunt must be ever present for Silver to take notice. Obstacles, cleverness, subtlety, and patience are mandatory for Silver to have fun on the hunt. Aside from that, Silver is a model parent - he cleans his kittens, stands guard, sleeps with them, and plays humorously with them. He also loves to have his picture taken, as his efforts for proficiency in proper posing shows. Silver is a feline absolutely fit for his title of Sire: he is noble, generous, and a caretaker of his domain.



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